Experimental Filmmaking: Break the Machine

Autor: Kathryn Ramey
Jazyk: anglicky
Rok vydání: 2016
Vydavatelství: Taylor
Počet stran: 404
ISBN: 9781138898172
CDF katalogizace: E821 Cizojazyčné publikace
Signatura: E821/1144/RAM
Předmětová hesla: filmová teorie

Experimental filmmaking is characterized by the absence of linear narrative and the use of various abstracting techniques-out-of-focus, painting or scratching on film, and rapid editing. Notable practitioners (who have also made features) include David Lynch, Kathryn Bigelow, Miranda July, and Gus Van Sant. The genre has had widespread influence on the style of mainstream fare such as music videos, commercials, and title design.

This book focuses on the techniques and craft of this genre, showing filmmakers step-by-step the material processes so they can make their own contribution to the field. Information on techniques is in demand but hard to come by.

This book will be of interest to both experimental filmmakers and mainstream practitioners who want to incorporate alternative techniques in their work-especially as a more hand-crafted, DIY aesthetic comes to the forefront.

Source: bhphotovideo.com

Experimental Filmmaking: Break the Machine

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