A New History of Documentary Film: Second Edition

Autor: Betsy A. McLane
Originální název: A New History of Documentary Film: Second Edition
Jazyk: anglicky
Rok vydání: 2012
Vydání: 2. vydání
Vydavatelství: Bloomsbury Publishing
Počet stran: 456
ISBN: 978-1441124579
CDF katalogizace: E821 Cizojazyčné publikace
Signatura: E821/860/MCL
Předmětová hesla: vývoj; dokumentární film; historie

A New History of Documentary Film, Second Edition offers a much-needed resource, considering the very rapid changes taking place within documentary media. Building upon the best-selling 2005 edition, Betsy McLane keeps the same chronological examination, factual reliability, ease of use and accessible prose style as before, while also weaving three new threads - Experimental Documentary, Visual Anthropology and Environmental/Nature Films - into the discussion. She provides emphasis on archival and preservation history, present practices, and future needs for documentaries. Along with preservation information, specific problems of copyright and fair use, as they relate to documentary, are considered.

Finally, A History of Documentary Film retains and updates the recommended readings and important films and the end of each chapter from the first edition, including the bibliography and appendices. Impossible to talk learnedly about documentary film without an audio-visual component, a companion website will increase its depth of information and overall usefulness to students, teachers and film enthusiasts. 

A New History of Documentary Film: Second Edition

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