Mehran Tamadon

Rok narození: 1972
Profese: Film Director
Země: Írán

Mehran Tamadon arrived in France at the age of 12, in 1984. He attended the school of Architecture of Paris-La Villette, and received his diploma in 2000. In 1999, he participated in the creation of the review L'Arrosoir devoted to issues of city and land usage. In the year 2000, he returned to Iran for four years and worked as an architect, realizing a house and a building in Tehran. Since 2002, he has given his career a distinctly artistic orientation. During an exhibit of conceptual art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, he showed an artistic installation called “From the eyes of a stroller”. He also published two essays in Persian (Moments of agony, 2003 and Friendship, 2005). Then, in 2004 he realized his first medium-length documentary, Behesht Zahra/ Mothers of Martyrs, presented in numerous international festivals. Bassidji (2009), about the defenders of the Islamic republic of Iran, is his first long documentary. Source:

Mehran Tamadon

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Basídž2009Írán, Švýcarsko, Franciedirector, writer

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