Manno Lanssens

Profese: Film Director
Země: Belgie

Manno Lanssens studied Economics and Philosophy at the University of Antwerp. After graduating he continued studies in filmmaking at the Sint-Lucas Higher Institute of Arts in Brussels. He started his professional career as a freelance journalist, working for several newspapers and magazines, and getting more and more involved in television and filmmaking. In 1998 he wrote and directed the middle length feature film BEFORE THE NIGHT / AVANT LA NUIT - an intriguing story about urban solitude, which was very well received and won several prizes (Prix Arte, Prix Meilleur Comédien). Afterwards he mainly concentrated on investigative television journalism. EPILOGUE is his first feature length documentary. Source:

Manno Lanssens

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NázevRok výrobyZeměPozice
Epilog2011Belgiedirector, writer

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