Jon Jost

Rok narození: 1943
Profese: Film Director, Producer
Země: Spojené státy

Jon Jost (born 16 May 1943 in Chicago) is an American independent filmmaker. Born in Chicago to a military family, he grew up in Georgia, Kansas, Japan, Italy, Germany and Virginia. He began making films in January 1963 after being expelled from college. In 1965 he was imprisoned by US authorities for 2 years 3 months for refusal to cooperate with the Selective Service system. On his release he became engaged in anti-war activities, working for the draft resistance, Chicago Mobilization, and helped found the Chicago branch of what became Newsreel, the New Left Film production and distribution group. Source:

Jon Jost

Seznam filmů

NázevRok výrobyZeměPozice
Daleko od Afghánistánu2012Spojené státy, Afghánistándirector

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