Gunnar Hall Jensen

Rok narození: 1963
Profese: Film Director
Země: Norsko

Gunnar Hall Jensen is a director and writer, known for Gunnar Goes God (2010), A Cup of Tea (2014) and Gunnar Goes Comfortable (2003). Gunnar Hall Jensen was educated at the University of Bergen, majoring in cultural communications. He has made a number of television series, as well as short films, advertising and commission films. His first feature documentary Gunnar Goes Comfortable premiered in 2003, and was selected for competition at several festivals, including IDFA and Silverdocs. In 2011 he directed the sequel Gunnar Goes God. Gunnar now lives in Sundsvall, Sweden, where he produces independent documentary films through his own company Jensen Production. Source:

Gunnar Hall Jensen

Seznam filmů

NázevRok výrobyZeměPozice
Gunnar jde za Bohem2010Norskodirector, crew

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