Andrea Zambelli

Profese: Film Director
Země: Itálie

Andrea Zambelli works on creation documentaries since 2000. In 2003 lhe works as assistant director on the film “Dopo mezzanotte” by Davide Ferrario, collaboration that continues in 2005, when he cured the cinematography of the Moldavian part of “La strada di Levi”. His most important film, “From mother to daughter” (2008), was the only Italian documentary film selected at “Toronto International Film Festival 2008”. Zambelli is part of a generation of filmmakers which has built it's specifity on digital shooting: his camera arrives where a traditional troupe would have difficulties, attitude that allows him to get close to the characters of his films.

Seznam filmů

NázevRok výrobyZeměPozice
(Ne)všední život v pásmu2013Itálie, Palestinian Territorydirector, writer, crew

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