Following the success of amazing documentary titles such as Microcosmos, Winged Migration and Oceans, Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud made their film Seasons. It tells us the story not of the tropical forest with exotic fauna, but of the familiar woods behind our backyard that pulsate with life that is surprisingly rich and diverse. Employing state-of-the-art technology, the authors have been shooting at dozens of locations across Europe, even living in a forest and watching wild animals. Solely thanks to unique filmmaking methods, they were able to authentically narrate the story of the forest from the ice age until the presence and to capture the exciting cycle of life therein that never ceases to amaze both the grown-up and the young audiences.


 * suitable for elementary schools                    

 * duration: 97 minutes

 * dubbed in Czech

 * entry: 50 CZK











Documentary film Seasons is fit for all age groups. It is interesting also for adult audiences, but it is primarily intended for elementary school pupils (aged 6 to 14).

The film can be used as a powerful inspiration source for analysis of some of the related topics in these educational spheres of the Elementary School Educational Framework Programme: Humans and the World Around, Humans and Nature, Geography, Environmental Education and Film Education.




Everyone has seen impressive footage of wild animals in Africa. But do you know what a fox’s den looks like from the inside? Have you ever run hundreds of meters together with a wild boar and a flock of wolves? Have you ever stood two meters from a frolicking fawn? The film mesmerised us all the more that it does not describe some remote reality but mysteries that are hidden next to us and that we have not yet discovered."

Jan Noháč, Aerofilms distribution

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