Ice and the Sky


In his latest feature documentary, the Academy-award-winning director, Luc Jacquet (March of the Penguins) describes a series of adventures of French arctic explorer and scientist Claude Lorius  beyond the polar circle that led to the discovery and description of the well-known phenomenon of global warming. The story of the brave scientist and his ground-breaking discovery shows how human behaviour can affect the future of our planet.  



 * suitable for children 10-15 years old                     

 * délka: 89 minut

 * dubbed in Czech

 * entry: 50 CZK








School screenings in cinemas as further elaboration on topics in elementary school education – such is the goal of documentary filmmaking Ice and the Sky. The film is fit for all audiences. It is interesting also for adult audiences, but it is primarily suitable for elementary school pupils (aged 10 to 14).

The film can be used as a powerful inspiration source for analysis of some of the related topics in these educational spheres of the Elementary School Educational Framework Programme: Humans and the World Around, Humans and Nature, and Environmental Education.



I’ve always loved icy rivers, lagoons, villages on the margins of the desert. I’ve loved American forests. But what I believe I loved the most were humans and their ability to push our limits in extreme conditions. My name is Claude Lorius and I’m 82 years old. And I’ve dedicated my entire life to the path of knowledge. It was an exceptional story of science and devoted people who changed the course of human history.“ 

Claude Lorius, arctic explorer and scientist


I would love films to show to general public that science is a fabulous human and intellectual adventure. That it can make you dream and escape the everyday drudgery. That it can’t do without creative processes – just like art.”

Jerome Chapellaz, scientific consultant

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