Short animations 1

Content of the lecture 

A series of short animations suitable for school presentation has been produced by students of the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín. The stories are diverse in terms of genres and styles. They also include abstract films allowing children to use their own imagination. Small audiences can become acquainted with various animation techniques, employed in the films. 

Short animations 1

 * suitable for kindergartens and children 6-9 years old

 * duration: 57 minutes

 * for kindergartens we offer only 45 minutes version                             



School screenings in cinemas elaborating on topics in further classes for elementary school pupils and preschool kids – this is the aim of the series of short Czech animation films for kids entitled Short Animations.

The whole programme focuses on current social issues. Films combine genres and animation techniques. Their order provides also space for more profound reflection of topics such as ecology, tolerance to other cultures, bullying. Discussion on these topics can take place in the following lessons at schools.



“We want children to have fun when watching the films, but the form of short films goes beyond mere amusement, as it also encompasses other genres and is informative as well. Last year, the programming line reflected such topics as ecology, tolerance to other culture and bullying. There are topics that need to be raised and discussed at schools….”

“The teachers are very welcoming of the possibility to open up a discussion with their students about the above-mentioned topics. They are trying to provide the kids with space to express their opinions which is especially easy with the help of films and images.”

“Film screenings are to be organised mainly in traditional cinema spaces. I find it important to watch films together as well as to use cinemas as social spaces.”    

Petra Ptáčková, author of the project

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