The new programme organised by the Center for Documentary Film for those who want to learn more about film and media will delve into the basics of (not only) documentary film through the phenomenon of  food. The topic will be explored from the historical perspective, analysing the transformations of its representation throughout history, until today. Traditional concepts will be challenged, experts and authors will be asked critical questions during discussions that will follow the evening screenings. 

A series of four evening screenings held in the small hall of the Dukla Cinema will offer four perspectives of food as a social phenomenon. This topic reflects the needs of various institutions and areas of human activity: industry, agriculture, business strategies, advertising and propaganda. 

First two evenings (November 3 and 18) will provide space to a historical perspective of the topic of food: How did the media image of food form evolve between the 1930s and 1950s? How were the requirements of the times reflected in terms of the content and style of short instructional films? What changed during the 20th century and what remained the same? What role did food play in propaganda films? 

The third and fourth session (December 2 and 16) will focus on the present times. A workshop led by Vít Klusák and the Yes, Chef! show and the recently finished Sugar Blues by Andrea Culková will explore the media image of food in today’s world. Do cooking reality shows on TV serve as healthy eating propaganda or an advertisement for cooking utensils, or do they pursue a different goal, for example, trying to provide insight into the lifestyle in a particular country?

Reservations for the evening sessions are only possible through the event’s profile or via e-mail cdf@c-d-f.czReservations for CDF’s events are not possible through the Dukla Cinema reservation system.


Dinner I: Tuesday, November 3, 7:30 PM

A series of films and discussions not only about food, its role in film and art and the methods in which food was presented throughout the Czech film history, starting with a cycle of six short docs about healthy lifestyle made in the 1950s. The event’s guest will be film critic Lucie Česálková from the National Film Archive, a lecturer at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno who recently published Atoms of Eternity, a book focusing on short films in the context of cinema and governmental policies. The cycle will show the process of formation of today’s film and media image of food and reveal the prerequisites for the production of the first short and purposefully made documentary films.  


Dinner II: Wednesday, November 18, 5:00 PM

The screening of Lucie Králová’s Arsenal: How to Behave followed by a moderated discussion with the author. Informative and instructional films made in the past – made to order of state institutions – used to advise us on what to do in everyday situations. What role did food and nutrition play in the state’s official instructional strategy? Lucie Králová’s film explores power mechanisms from 1930s to 1950s and their form in today’s world. The film was inspired by a research of industrial and informative films by film historian Lucie Česálková and it is a part of the unique series, ARSENAL, dedicated to the film legacy. The project is implemented by the National Film Archive in conjunction with Czech Television. The discussion evening will be accompanied by screenings of archival films connected with the topic of food and its interesting history.


Dinner III: Wednesday, December 2, 7:30 PM

The co-director of the reality show, Vít Klusák, will provide a look behind the scenes of the shooting of Yes, Chef! with Zdeněk Pohlreich, and explain the show’s concept, and criteria. We will discuss the question of whether a reality show about food can serve as a modern educational campaign and cultivation of the society, what instruments are used thereto and what reactions of the audience the protagonists had to face. He will focus not only on the laws and principles of a specific TV format of cooking reality shows, but also share some moments from the backstage of the show’s making with chef Zdeněk Pohlreich.


Dinner IV: Wednesday, December 16 from 5.00 PM

The series about food in film will be topped off with a screening of the award-winning Sugar Blues, in which the author, Andrea Culková focuses on food awareness from a completely opposite perspective. The idea behind the film came from the assumption that we might be becoming victims of a targeted propaganda of food producers and pharmaceutical concerns that encourage the consumption of sugar. The key question addressed in the film is: What and who depends on sugar? What role does sugar play in global economy? The author who has travelled many countries, including the USA, during the making of her film, will try to provide answers to these questions.

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