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Our upcoming spring series held in the Small Hall of Dukla Cinema will be dedicated to the phenomenon of reality show in the Czech context. We will focus on how this genre approaches real events and what impact can topical events have in the real world.

Our guests will include authors and producers of shows such as The Golden Youth and Holiday in the Protectorate produced by Czech Television as well as Janek Rubeš, director of the reality show, Prague vs Money, created for the internet TV channel,

Reservations for the individual evening sessions are only possible through the event’s profile or via email Reservations for CDF’s events are not possible through the Dukla Cinema reservation system.


Janek Rubeš and Prague vs Money (Wednesday February 3 at 7.30 pm)

A metropolis in the heart of Europe every year visited by 6 million tourists…, versus a handful of crooks who are trying to rip them off.”

The cycle will be opened by the director, Janek Rubeš, who will be our Wednesday’s guest. Following the opening screening, he will introduce the specifics of creating reality shows for (streaming portal), discuss the specific problems encountered during the making of Prague vs Money, and speak about other upcoming programmes addressing the issue of ethics and reality in media.


The Golden Youth (Guest: Richard Komárek, Wednesday, March 2 at 7.30 pm)

Our ‘assortment of Prague youth’ is used to the comfort of living in a city and the possibilities Prague has to offer in terms of career, entertainment and social life. But beyond the limits of the capital stretches an unknown territory. And this is where we took them for a week at a time to see how they would manage and how such experience would change their view of a certain profession or environment." (Dir. Dušan Mulíček) 

The evening will be opened by Richard Komárek, director, producer and dramaturge specialising in documentary production and reality shows, who will introduce this and other TV phenomena, as well as its ambitions and purpose and reception by the viewers. The screening of an illustrative episode of The Golden Youth will be followed by a Q&A with the director.


Holiday in the Protectorate (Wednesday, March 30 from 7.30 pm)

Only spring 1945 will reveal who is the winner and who is the loser. Will a modern family withstand the circumstances experienced by our granddads and grandmas during WWII? 

This time, we will look behind the scenes of the famous TV docureality show Holiday in the Protectorate. How was the show made? Where did its authors draw inspiration for the overall concept? What did the selection of the protagonists look like? What happened away from the eye of the camera? Come to find out to the Edison Hall of the Dukla Cinema on March 30 – our guests will be the project’s author and director, Zora Cejnková, and dramaturge Magdalena Zlatušková


Workshop on Czech and International TV Formats (Wednesday, April 27 from 7.30 pm)

How does Czech reality show fare in the context of international production?

Our guest Milan Kruml started off as a media analyst for TV Nova (summer 2001 – April 2012). In June 2012, he entered the position of a programme development specialist at Czech Television. In the long term, he deals with research of TV formats, reality shows and other new types of programmes that are produced all around the world and his role often serves as a starting point for consultations of the development of new Czech TV programmes. He has prepared a showcase of clips from the most interesting international reality shows, identifying inspiration sources of some Czech shows.

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