About the Center for Documentary Film

At their core, documentary films stem from everyday reality. The visitors of the CDF will have the opportunity to gain insight into a dense network of relations and to discover a variety of experiences.



The idea for CDF emerged during the preparations for Jihlava’s Dukla Cinema – the current headquarters of this new, and in a Czech context, unique institution focusing on education and self-education through film. The project follows up on the long-term education and publication activities of Ji.hlava IDFF, aimed at promoting reflection on film art and offering insights into filmmaking and its contexts. It provides a space for concentrated research as well as multifaceted exploration of documentary cinema on several levels. Since its opening on October 23, 2014, the Center for Documentary Film services have been fully available to all visitors.


For study purposes, the CDF offers numerous creative documentary films from the archive of Ji.hlava IDFF. Films from the collection are available on-site and can be watched on the workstations located at the CDF only. The video library is complemented by a collection of films illustrating the historical development of documentary filmmaking. 


CDF offers an expansive collection of specialized literature on Czech and international filmmaking with an emphasis on documentaries. Our library spans publications on media theory and other artistic disciplines, and is available for on-site consultation, thereby giving members the opportunity to supplement their love of film with theoretical and historical knowledge. 



Mon–Fri: 10:00 – 18:00
Sat: 11:00 – 19:00
Sun: 14:00 – 19:00

Lunch break Mon–Sat 13:00 – 14:00.



The CDF organizes a set of educational cycles, lectures, seminars, workshops, and film screenings for students, senior citizens, and the general public. The main theme of the educational cycles centers on the implications of media film education, focusing on the critical perception of audio-visual media and how it transforms the world around us. The portfolio of educational activities is complemented by courses that specialize in the history of documentary filmmaking, modern Czech history, the perspectives of documentarians, and selected collections by educational and film theory partners.


The activities of the CDF encompass statistical research aimed at monitoring the role of documentary filmmaking in the context of film distribution and how it is effected by digitalization. The research will also illuminate audience interest in the development of the system of drawing public funds in the Czech Republic. The CDF collaborates with other prominent Czech film institutions for this research.



Join the Center for Documentary Film as a member! In addition to the freedom to search our databases of films, writers, journals and websites, our members will also gain direct access our local library of hundreds of films and nearly one thousand books and publications. A CDF membership card also serves as a visitor registration card with numerous bonuses – including a 50% discount on festival accreditation at Ji.hlava IDFF.

Registration fee and issue of CDF membership card (valid for 1 year):
•    CZK 115 – regular fee 
•    CZK 60 – students’ fee

You can download the payment instructions here.

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