Journalist and reporter David Macháček (1970) won in the category for Best Audiovisual Reportage of the Journalist Awards. We are proud that he is one of our affiliated lectors and we are capable of providing you with the very best of what the Czech scene has to offer.

The Journalist Award 2014 has a total of 11 winners in categories such as: Best discussion, commentary, interview etc. The award is given by an expert panel, specifically made for each category according to its focus. Apart from others, Olga Sommerová and Jiří Voráč also sat in the panel which had the task of evaluating the category of Audiovisual Journalism. The award aims to highlight valuable journalism, emphasize its importance for the function and development of a democratic society and to endorse quality journalists.

David Macháček won the award for best reportage in his category of Audiovisual journalism for one called Konečná pro havířovský brusel (The Final Stop for the Havířov Brussels, Czech Television), which was dedicated to the issue of preserving the historical Havirov train station. Not only did his work raise awareness regarding the issue, it eventually led to preventing the already planned demolition of the station.



In Czech language, you can find out more information concerning the Awards here.


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