Found Footage Magazine #3 March 2017

Original title: Found Footage Magazine #3 March 2017
Language: English, spanish
Year of publication: 2017
Publisher: creative commons
ISBN: 24622885
CDF cataloguing: P Periodicals
Call number: P/1400
Subject headings: found footage; Filmy

The work of Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi is a cinema of catalogue, a cinema that displays previously archived images and shapes an enormous inventory of 20th history century. It has been more than forty years since these Italian filmmakers (Gianikian is of Armenian origin) have been recovering, re-filming and re-editing archived films by means of the analytical camera—a re-visualizing tool made ex profeso to manipulate film footage from different sources, either by cutting original frames, reversing images and revealing their negative, modifying speed or manipulating the montage. In this way, by discovering unusual associations among visual documents from different archives, Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi create new films. The topics covered in their work are both diverse and recurrent: war, fascism, colonialism and racism, science, technological advancements and violence, as well as the links that surreptitiously connect one topic to another. Among them emerges the human body as a commonplace element of each and every one of these images: men and women whose faces and gestures take on a new breath in this visual re-cataloguing of the archive.

Found Footage Magazine #3 March 2017

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