Coal in the Soul

Director: Martin Dušek, Ondřej Provazník
Original title: Ženy SHR
Country: Czech Republic
Year of release: 2010
Runtime: 58 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Czech
Subtitles: No Subtitle

Producer: Petra Štovíková
Writer: Ondřej Provazník, Martin Dušek
Camera: Tomáš Nováček
Editing: Josef Krajbich
Sound: Václav Flegl, Michal Gábor

1 chateaux 2 baroque contrasts 3 conflict, two women 4 coal: a distinctive substance 5 the impacts of divergent attitudes 6 two philosophies, embodied in two women 7 coal field: battleground between two different worldviews 8 you can mine coal or save the chateau 9 angrily accusing each other of spreading hysteria and demagoguery 10 life at the chateau vs. the life of coal mining On one side is a building belonging to the mining company, on the other a chateau - the contrasting jobs and antithetical worldviews of two women whose lives are intimately linked to a coalfield and the possibility of expanded mining.

Coal in the Soul

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