Great Opportunity

Director: Vít Janeček
Original title: Skvělá příležitost
Country: Czech Republic
Year of release: 2010
Runtime: 63 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Mongolian, Czech
Subtitles: Mongolian, Czech

Producer: Mezinárodní organizace pro migraci IOM Praha
Writer: Vít Janeček, Tomáš Janeba
Camera: Braňo Pažitka, Jiří Zykmund
Editing: Hedvika Hansalová
Sound: Lenka Mikulová, Jiří Melcher
Music: Johana Švarcová

1 stranded 2 closed community 3 feudalism, socialism, capitalism 4 interviews, questions, and silence 5 in workers' factories and homes 20 A film about the life of Mongols in the Czech Republic, where they live in order to earn extra money and where - as opposed to other nationalities - they work at the lowest rung on the employment ladder.

Great Opportunity

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