Director: Jorge Ruiz
Original title: Urus
Country: Peru, Bolivia
Year of release: 1951
Runtime: 18 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: No Subtitle

Writer: Jean Vellard
Camera: Augusto Roca
Editing: Jean Vellard
Sound: Jean Vellard

2 to live 3 an inferior race 4 racism exists among Indians 5 words in an ancient tongue 6 a look at an extinct people 7 cinéma vérité captures a rapidly disappearing world 8 description of rural life, fishing, and boat building 9 poetic images, faces of children living in dire poverty 10 making an anthropological film, knowing that these things are disappearing 11 the oldest inhabitants of the Bolivian Andes, face-to-face with modern media. 20 This important example of anthropological documentary film records, in a traditional though adroit manner, a remarkable aspect of life in Bolivia - a way of life that has now disappeared.


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