Forgotten Space

Director: Noel Burch, Allan Sekula
Original title: Forgotten Space
Country: Netherlands
Year of release: 2000
Runtime: 112 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Projection format: HDTV (HDCam)

Producer: Frank van Reemst
Writer: Noel Burch, Allan Sekula
Camera: Thaler Wolfgang, Attila Boa
Editing: Menno Boerema
Sound: Joe Knauer, Eckehard Braun
Music: Louis Andriessen, Riccardo Tesi

1 container 2 transporting goods 3 trains, trucks, ships 4 a socio-political film essay 5 the madness of global capitalism 6 detailed, precise, focused; interviews, archival material 7 the simplistic optimism of "conquerors of nature" 8 symbolism of the oceans and value of sustainability 9 we need balance between the personal and the social 10 basic meaning and metaphors (ocean and society, ocean and existence) A look at the movement of shipping containers and the related financial transactions, an analytical examination of transport logistics and the uncertain journey undertaken by goods, an uncertainty that could threaten our way of life.

Forgotten Space

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