Addio Lugano bella

Director: Francesca Solari
Original title: Addio Lugano bella
Country: Germany, Switzerland
Year of release: 2000
Runtime: 70 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Italian, French
Subtitles: French

Producer: Elda Guidinetti, Andres Pfaeffli
Writer: Francesca Solari
Camera: Renato Berta, Eric Turpin
Editing: Dominique Pâris
Sound: Remo Belli, Yves Zlotnicka
Music: Ivano Torre

The arrest of her beloved man, the solidarity of an old friend, exploding memories of the revolt: a judicial error triggers an inner journey, a healing process of the conflict accompanying the disappearance of a father. Two leaders of the “Long ‘68” interpret their own roles in this film set on the border between documentary and scripted narrative.

Addio Lugano bella

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