Crisis Document. A Survival Guide

Director: Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall, Marta Dauliute
Original title: Krisdokument. En överlevnadsguide
Country: Sweden
Year of release: 2015
Runtime: 15 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Swedish, Greek, English
Subtitles: English
Projection format: HD

Producer: Marta Dauliute, Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall
Writer: Marta Dauliute, Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall
Camera: Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall
Editing: Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall
Sound: Thomas Jansson, Marta Dauliute

Two Swedish directors set off for Greece to find out how the local residents feel about the media images of the crisis. On the basis of ten selected myths, they create a film essay in which they take the dangers presented by the media through to their conclusions using audio-visual counterpoint, warning against the threat of fascism.

„We are leaving Sweden to see what a crisis looks like. This is the first image we see. The public service has shut down and there’s only white noise.“

Crisis Document. A Survival Guide

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