1989 (when I was 5 years old)

Director: Thor Ochsner
Original title: 1989 (dengang jeg var 5 år gammel)
Country: Denmark
Year of release: 2011
Runtime: 11 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Danish
Subtitles: English
Projection format: Mixed Media

Producer: Jacob Jarek
Writer: Thor Ochsner
Editing: Thor Ochsner
Sound: Oskar Skriver
Music: Martin Juel Dirkov

FilmMEMORY returns to October 1989 and to a car accident in the rain; a five-year-old boy survived while his father died. The animated documentary recalls the moment of a flash of light changing everything forever. Returning to a child’s perspective, the director tries to cope with the fatal shadow of his life.

1989 (when I was 5 years old)


International documentary film festivalScreened at Jihlava IDFF 2011 within the Short joy section

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