An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925

Director: Sasha Waters Freyer
Original title: An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925
Country: United States
Year of release: 2012
Runtime: 10 minutes
Colour: Colour and B&W
Language: No Dialogue
Subtitles: English

Producer: Sasha Waters Freyer
Writer: Sasha Waters Freyer
Editing: Sasha Waters Freyer

An exploration of the experiences associated with a place whose appearance, arrangements, smells, and even deficiencies form the memory of a distant past. The sale of the director’s childhood home, which had belonged to her family for 25 years, forms the starting point for looking over old photographs, retelling old anecdotes, and interviewing relatives. Using animation, the director pieces these fragments together in order to explore the house’s individual rooms and her own childhood.  

An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925

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