Looking for North Koreans

Director: Jero Yun
Original title: Looking for North Koreans
Country: France
Year of release: 2012
Runtime: 73 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Korean, French
Subtitles: English

Producer: Guillaume de la Boulaye
Writer: Jero Yun
Camera: Jero Yun
Editing:  Virginie Véricourt
Music: Mathieu Regnault

The dual nature of North and South Korea, forcibly divided by the Soviet Union’s power plays, continues to aff ect the lives of both countries’ inhabitants to this day. Every year, more and more people leave the totalitarian north; every year, more families and lives are torn apart. Kidnappings, extortion, human trafficking, threats of extermination, and hundreds of missing are the order of the day. A dark shadow looms over neighbouring China as well, where the trail of most traffickers and their victims comes to an end. The film goes searching for North Koreans who have disappeared, interviews victims and traffickers, and explores the grey zone of these political twins.  

Looking for North Koreans

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