My Folk Costume

Director: Martin Dušek
Original title: Mein Kroj
Country: Czech Republic
Year of release: 2011
Runtime: 26 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: German, Czech
Subtitles: No Subtitle

Writer: Martin Dušek
Camera: Vít Klusák
Editing: Janka Vlčková

FilmMEETING was shot at this June’s Sudeten German Days in Augsburg. Director Martin Dušek takes anoriginal approach to his ethnographic expedition – whichis also a journey into his personal history and that ofhis native city, Česká Lípa (Böhmisch Leipa in German): He appears among former Czechoslovak citizens and their descendents (gathered here under the auspices of a conservative political organization) in his own person folk costume with short leather pants, ladies’ frills, anarm-guard, and flashing bike-lights on his shoulders.

My Folk Costume

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