Summer of Giacomo

Director: Alessandro Comodin
Original title: L'estate di Giacomo
Country: Italy, France, Belgium
Year of release: 2011
Runtime: 78 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Producer: Paolo Benzi, Alessandro Comodin, Marie Géhin
Writer: Alessandro Comodin
Camera: Tristan Bordmann
Editing: Alessandro Comodin, João Nicolau
Sound: Julien Courroye

FilmSUMMER invites the viewer on a walk with 19-year-old Giacomo, who has been deaf since childhood and 16-year-old Stephanie. They walk to the river and witness an afternoon so beautiful it could last all of eternity. But it is just one moment between childhood and adulthood, a colourful image of moods, impressions, and emotions. In a moment of purity and the fullness of the world, human emotions merge with nature – there are only the water and the sun and skin and breath.

Summer of Giacomo

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