Director: Miko Revereza
Original title: Droga!
Country: United States
Year of release: 2013
Runtime: 9 minutes
Colour: Black and white
Language: Tagalog
Subtitles: English
Projection format: 8 mm

Producer: Miko Revereza
Writer: Miko Revereza
Camera: Miko Revereza
Editing: Miko Revereza
Sound: Miko Revereza
Music: Miko Revereza
Cast: Pedro Revereza, Aurora Revereza

This personal 8mm film looks at and reads Los Angeles and symbols of American popular culture through the eyes of a Filipino immigrant. Through navigational directions, by reciting a list of missing things, or by varying key themes, the film makes visible the gap between the attributes and expressions of diverse cultural identities.

A repeated shot of a singer, combined with a conversation about hallucinations, amplifies the melancholy of a viewpoint burdened by the context of a different culture.




International documentary film festivalScreened at Jihlava IDFF 2014 within the Fascinations section

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