Eugenic Minds

Director: Pavel Štingl
Original title: Eugéniové
Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic
Year of release: 2013
Runtime: 76 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: English, German, Czech
Subtitles: English

Producer: Jiří Konečný
Camera: Miroslav Janek
Editing: Otakar Šenovský, Tonička Janková
Sound: Vladimír Chrastil
Music: Jaroslav Kořán

The history of one idea with monstrous consequences, presented in the style of old newsreels and interspersed with quotes from Patrik Ouředník’s Europeana. Archival footage is combined with animation as a kindly narrator takes us on a journey from the idea of cultivating a “better human race” all the way to the gas chambers.

“Some historians say that the 20th century began when people learned they were descended from apes. And some people claimed that they are less descended from apes than others...” – Patrik Ouředník, Europeana

Eugenic Minds

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