The Escape Agents

Director: Scott Calonico
Original title: The Escape Agents
Country: German Democratic Republic, United Kingdom, Germany
Year of release: 2018
Runtime: 5 minutes
Colour: Black and white
Language: German
Subtitles: English
Projection format: Mini DV

Producer: Jeff Radice
Writer: Scott Calonico
Camera: Ministry of State Security, German Democratic Republic
Editing: Nathan McGinty, Nathan Calonico
Sound: Ricardo Fratelli

A re-construction of the illegal smuggling of a family across the border from East to West Berlin in 1988. Told in photographs, the film shows a chilling story of escape in the trunk of a car and an encounter with agents of the East German secret police. The images’ unknown origin adds a sense of the universal and calls into question the course of events. 

"While researching my first feature, I stumbled across these photos in the Stasi archives and decided to try to make a story around them. I was shocked when I found out the true identity of the people " S. Calonico


The Escape Agents

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