The Sailor

Director: Giovanni Giaretta
Original title: The Sailor
Country: Italy, Netherlands
Year of release: 2017
Runtime: 9 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: No Dialogue
Subtitles: English
Projection format: HDCAM

Producer: Giovanni Giaretta
Sound: Emanuele Cicconi

The margins and horizons of a landscape that perhaps never existed. A story told using the invented language of the Na’vi (created for the film Avatar), in which rhythm and tone create the narration. A semantic vision of the absence of what is present – birthplace, home, solid ground – questions the imagination about the unclear boundary between what is dream, what is possible and what is real.

“I guess that the memory of a look is always indefinite and compromised by details.” G. Giaretta

The Sailor

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