not even nothing can be free of ghosts

Director: Rainer Kohlberger
Original title: not even nothing can be free of ghosts
Country: Germany, Austria
Year of release: 2016
Runtime: 11 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: No Dialogue
Subtitles: No Subtitle

Producer: Rainer Kohlberger
Sound: Rainer Kohlberger

Made without a camera, using algorithms programmed to respond to the rhythm of light, this film explores the topology of dark space and tests the senses through vibrating light compositions whose rhythm of appearing and disappearing leaves a trace in the viewers’ minds even after they have left the darkness of the cinema. Austrian-born visual artist Rainer Kohlberger (1982) lives and works in Berlin. He creates experimental films, installations, and videos using algorithms to generate animations that he accompanies with life performance. He is a recipient of the ZKM AppArtAward for artistic innovation. His works test the limits of the viewer’s senses and play with the imperfection and subjectivity of human perception.

“In my film, created out of ‘nothing’ with the help of algorithms, a constant pulse unveils materiality in a condition between being and non-being, since matter is merely vacuum fluctuations.”

not even nothing can be free of ghosts

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