Maggie in Wonderland

Director: Beatrice "Maggie" Andersson, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Mark Hammarberg
Original title: Maggie vaknar pa balkongen
Country: Finland, Sweden
Year of release: 2008
Runtime: 72 minutes
Colour: Colour
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English

Camera: Beatrice "Maggie" Andersson, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Mark Hammarberg
Editing: Anne Hovad Fischer
Sound: Micke Nyström
Music: Sami Sänpäkkilä

On the fifteenth floor of an apartment building in a suburb of Malmö there lives a Kenyan woman named Maggie. She has a weakness for gold jewellery, and a stock of personal traumas that dog her in her everyday encounters with the caring Swedish social state, which is not always able to ward off the reality of social isolation.

Maggie in Wonderland

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