Jakub Wagner

Year of birth: 1979
Profession: Film Director, Film Producer
Country: Czech Republic

Jakub Wagner completed his bachelor’s degree in directing at FAMU in 2002, where he is continuing his studies in the documentary film department. He is the creator of the biographical documentaries Profil – Jan Kaplický (2004) and Váňa (2012). His documentary Tales of the Lesser Quarter 130 Years Later (2011) searches for parallels between the residents of today’s Lesser Quarter and the heroes of Neruda’s book.

Jakub Wagner

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Points for the President aka Attempt at Contrarevolution2021Czech Republicproducer
Slav Epic Complex2017Czech Republicproducer
An Absence of Reciprocity in Vulnerability, Losses and Risks2017Czech Republiccrew
Is Everyone Right? Karel Floss and the Others.2015Czech Republicproducer
Faces of Meda2015Czech Republicproducer
Vana - The Biggest Race Is the Life Itself2012Czech Republicdirector
Tales of the Lesser Quarter 130 Later2011Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew

Films in alphabetical order

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