Martin Dušek

Year of birth: 1978
Profession: Film Director
Country: Czech Republic

A well-known Czech documentarian who often uses a provocative approach to unconventional topics. Films include the winner at the 2007 Jihlava IDFF, A Town Called Hermitage! (with Ondřej Provazník, 2007), and The Analogs (2013) about a group of legendary TV news personalities. He has also contributed to the “Czech Journal” TV series (Grievances, 2013).

Martin Dušek

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Into the Clouds We Gaze2014Czech Republicdirector, writer
In Dog's Name2012Czech Republicdirector, writer
My Folk Costume2011Czech Republicdirector, writer
Coal in the Soul2010Czech Republicdirector, writer

Films in alphabetical order

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