Péter Forgács

Year of birth: 1950
Profession: Film Director, Film Producer
Country: Hungary

Experimental filmmaker and media artist Péter Forgács (1950) has created dozens of film essays, musical-visual performances and exhibitions. He frequently collaborates with minimalist musicians. He describes his work with found footage as a form of visual psychoanalysis: his aim is to show the boundaries of the image and to provide us with a look into the unconscious of individuals and eras. The Ji.hlava IDFF has shown several of his films in the past.

Péter Forgács

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Picturesque Epochs2016Hungarydirector, writer
I Am von Höfler (Variation on Werther)2008Hungarydirector
El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War2005Netherlands, France, Sweden, Finlanddirector

Films in alphabetical order

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