Andran Abramjan

Year of birth: 1985
Profession: Film Director
Country: Czech Republic

Andran Abramjan is a graduate of Charles University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences and a student of documentary film at FAMU. Past films include Further Research Will Be Needed (2011), Swallows (2013), the experimental Currently Adverse Weather (2012), a segment in the collective film Big as Brno (2011) and To Rule, To Work, To Earn, To Pray, To Collapse (2013), which received Honorable Mention at the Jihlava IDFF.

Andran Abramjan

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Arguments (Czech version)2014Czech Republicdirector, producer, crew
Arguments (English version)2014Czech Republicdirector, producer, crew
To rule, to work, to earn, to pray, to collapse2013Czech Republicdirector
Swifts2013Czech Republicdirector
Currently Adverse Weather2012Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
I Asked Him the True Meaning of All This2012Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
Big as Brno2011Czech Republicdirector

Films in alphabetical order

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