Aung Min

Year of birth: 1964
Profession: Film Director
Country: Myanmar [Burma]

Aung Min (1964), he has graduated in medical degree in 1990 and combined his work as a medical doctor and a writer as well. His 2 short novels are ‘The bad night’ and ‘I’ve been here in this town for a duty’. Since 2006, he started the script writings; ‘Bamboo grove’, The Clinic ‘The monk’, ‘One summer day’. Now he has been working with his film group; ‘Ten Men’ and provision for the film education.

Aung Min

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
On Hteedan Road2014Myanmar [Burma]director
Bamboo Grove2011Myanmar [Burma]writer
Rainy Season2010Myanmar [Burma]director
Clinic2010Myanmar [Burma]director

Films in alphabetical order

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