Martin Kohout

Year of birth: 1984
Profession: Film Director, Film Producer
Country: Czech Republic

Martin Kohout is a student at FAMU’s documentary film department, and previously studied sociology at Charles University’s Faculty of Art, where his bachelor’s thesis was also on the coupon privatization. His student films JUDr. Michal Danišovič (2010), about the police commander who was responsible for the police crackdown on protesters during the Velvet Revolution, and The Invisible Hand of the Market: Privatization of Barrandov (2012) were presented at the Jihlava IDFF.

Martin Kohout

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Svídna2021Czech Republicproducer
Points for the President aka Attempt at Contrarevolution2021Czech Republicdirector, writer
The Czech Way2015Czech Republic, Slovakiadirector, writer, crew
The Invisible Hand of the Market: Privatization of Barrandov2012Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
Czech Greens 2003-2005 or What are You doing here? Beat it!2011Czech Republiccrew
Eternal Life2009Czech Republiccrew

Films in alphabetical order

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