Guli Silberstein

Year of birth: 1969
Profession: Film Director, Film Producer
Country: United Kingdom

Originally from Israel, video artist and editor Guli Silberstein (1969) lives and works in Great Britain. He focuses on topics of politics, violence and power. The Jihlava IDFF previously screened, his films Reform (2011), System Error (2013), Cut Out (2014) and Nour (2015).

Guli Silberstein

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
The Devil Had Other Plans (Act II)2020United Kingdomdirector, producer
Displacement2019United Kingdomdirector, producer
Field of Infinity2018United Kingdomdirector, producer
Cry Havoc2017United Kingdomdirector, producer, crew
Stuff As Dreams2016United Kingdomdirector, producer, crew
Nour2015United Kingdomdirector, producer, crew
Object2015United Kingdomdirector, producer, crew
Cut Out2014United Kingdomdirector, producer, crew
SYSTEM ERROR2013United Kingdomdirector, producer
Disturbdance2012United Kingdom, Israel, Palestinian Territoriesdirector
Excerpt2008Israeldirector, producer, writer, crew

Films in alphabetical order

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