Ichiro Sueoka

Year of birth: 1965
Profession: Film Director
Country: Japan

Filmmaker and university teacher. Studied chemistry at Tokyo’s University of Science, but has been working with film since 1985. He has created around ninety films, mostly on Super 8 and 16mm film. Sueoka frequently uses archival footage, primarily home movies, subsequently editing them or altering the original film material, as in Ambiguous Funeral and Marching On. Another group of works include his ironic collages made in the style of classic avant-garde filmmakers using fragments of genre films, for instance A Flicker Film in Which there Appear Liz and Franky is Composed under the Score of Arnulf Rainier by P. Kubelka on NTSC. He lives in Tokyo, where he organizes various workshops and teaches at the Asagaya College of Art and Design.

Ichiro Sueoka

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