Mike Hoolboom

Year of birth: 1959
Profession: Film Director
Country: Canada

Mike Hoolboom (1959) is a leading figure of Canadian experimental filmmaking. He worked for the distribution company CFMDC and as the artistic director of the Images festival. He is the author of a novel and a number of books on experimental cinematography. In his personal and essay films, he works primarily with “stolen footage”. His films appear regularly at the Jihlava IDFF – in 2003 the festival held a retrospective of his work.

Mike Hoolboom


Writings by: Mike Hoolboom

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Aftermath2018Canadadirector, producer
3 Dreams of Horses2018Canadadirector, producer, writer
The Bed and the Street2018Canadadirector, producer
Ghost2017Canadadirector, producer, crew
Spectator2017Canadadirector, producer, crew
We Make Couples2016Canadadirector
Scrapbook2015Canadadirector, producer
Buffalo Death Mask2013Canadadirector, producer
Lacan Palestine2012Canadadirector, producer, writer
Mark2009Canadadirector, producer, writer, crew
Fascination2006Canadadirector, producer, writer, crew
In the Dark2003Canadadirector, writer
Imitations of life2003Canadadirector, producer, writer, crew

Films in alphabetical order

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