Vít Klusák

Year of birth: 1980
Profession: Musician, Producer, Film Director
Country: Czech Republic

Vít Klusák is a director and producer. Together with Filip Remunda, he founded Hypermarket Film, a film and documentary production company that achieved success with their films Český sen (Czech Dream, 2004), as well as Svobodu pro Smetanu (Free Smetana!, 2012) and Život a smrt v Tanvaldu (Life and Death in Tanvald, 2013).

Vít Klusák

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List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
Czech Journal: Children of the State2017Czech Republicproducer
The White World According to Daliborek2017Czech Republicdirector, writer
Czech Journal: Teaching War2016Czech Republicproducer
Czech Journal: Don’t Take My Life2016Czech Republicproducer
Czech Journal: The Little Mole & Laozi2016Czech Republicproducer
Czech Journal: In the Child’s Best Interests2016Czech Republicproducer
Czechs against Czechs2015Czech Republicproducer
Czech Journal: Matrix AB2015Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
The Gospel According to Brabenec2014Czech Republicproducer
Tabloid Workers2014Czech Republicdirector, writer
The Good Driver Smetana2013Czech Republicdirector, producer
Life and Death in Tanvald - director’s cut2013Czech Republicdirector
The Prison of Art2012Czech Republicproducer
Big as Brno2011Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
Czech Peace2010Czech Republicdirector, writer, crew
All for the Good of the World and Nosovice2010Czech Republicdirector, writer
Auto*Mat2009Czech Republiccrew
Her Mistress's Everything2008Czech Republicdirector, producer
Czech Dream2004Czech Republicdirector, crew

Films in alphabetical order

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