Olga Sommerová

Year of birth: 1949
Profession: Film Director
Country: Czech Republic

Olga Sommerová has made nearly 100 documentaries. Her films Věra 68 (2012) and Máňa (together with Jan Špáta, 1992) have been screened at the Jihlava IDFF. The Magic Voice of a Rebel won the Audience Award at 2014 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Olga Sommerová


Books by scriptwriter: Olga Sommerová

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
The Magic Voice of a Rebel2014Czech Republicdirector, writer
Věra 682012Czech Republicdirector
Máňa1992Czechoslovakiadirector, writer

Films in alphabetical order

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