Jana Vlčková

Year of birth: 1981
Profession: Others, Film Professional
Country: Slovakia
Jana Vlčková

List of Films

TitleYear of releaseCountryPosition
De Potentia Dei2016Czech Republiccrew
Czech Journal: Matrix AB2015Czech Republiccrew
Recovering Industry2015Czech Republiccrew
Don’t Be Angry, Ukraine2015Czech Republiccrew
Tabloid Workers2014Czech Republiccrew
In Dog's Name2012Czech Republiccrew
The Navel of the Sky2012Czech Republiccrew
Stone Games2012Czech Republiccrew
In Sight2011Czech Republic, Slovakiacrew
The Epochal Trip of Mr. Tříska to Russia2010Czech Republiccrew
All for the Good of the World and Nosovice2010Czech Republiccrew
Matchmaking Mayor2010Czech Republic, Slovakiacrew
Auto*Mat2009Czech Republiccrew
Hero of Our Times2009Slovakiacrew
Last Recital of Egon Bondy2009Czech Republiccrew
Clouds2007Czech Republiccrew
Stolen (About Words)2006Czech Republiccrew
Intent to Enrich the Bare Mechanistic World2006Czech Republiccrew
Záviš, the Prince of Pornofolk Under the Influence of Griffith’s Intolerance and...2006Czech Republiccrew
Loos` Box2004Czech Republiccrew

Films in alphabetical order

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