Dreams of chaos, visions of order

Author: James Peterson
Original title: Dreams of chaos, visions of order
Language: English
Year of publication: 1994
Publishing details: 1. vydání
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
Number of pages: 232
ISBN: 9780814324578
CDF cataloguing: E821 Publications in other languages than Czech or Slovak
Call number: E821/885/PET
Subject headings: avantgarda; Cinema of USA

In spite of the difficulty of most American avant-garde films, one can read volumes and find almost no mention of how to view these films. Dreams of Chaos, Visions of Order addresses precisely this question: how-and to what extent-can viewers make sense of American avant-garde films? It is a controversial book that examines the implicit assumptions of traditional scholarship, advocates on alternative to dominant approaches to the avant-garde cinema, and questions some long-standing clichés about the history of the avant-garde. Source: amazon.com

Dreams of chaos, visions of order

Doc.recommendationThis book is recommended by the Director: Andrea Slováková

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