A Critical Cinema, vol. 5

Author: Scott MacDonald
Original title: A Critical Cinema, vol. 5
Language: English
Year of publication: 2006
Publishing details: 1. vydání
Publisher: California Press
Number of pages: 461
ISBN: 0-520-24595-4
CDF cataloguing: E821 Publications in other languages than Czech or Slovak
Call number: E821/859/MAC
Subject headings: Experimentální film; filmová kritika; historie; USA

A Critical Cinema 5 is the fifth volume in Scott MacDonald's Critical Cinema series, the most extensive, in-depth exploration of independent cinema available in English. In this new set of interviews, MacDonald engages filmmakers in detailed discussions of their films and of the personal experiences and political and theoretical currents that have shaped their work. The interviews are arranged to express the remarkable diversity of modern independent cinema and the interactive community of filmmakers that has dedicated itself to producing forms of cinema that critique conventional media. Source: ucepress.edu

A Critical Cinema, vol. 5

Doc.recommendationThis book is recommended by the Director: Andrea Slováková
This book is recommended by the Director: Godfrey Reggio

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