The Documentary Film Reader: History, Theory, Criticism

Author: Jonathan Kahana
Original title: The Documentary Film Reader: History, Theory, Criticism
Language: English
Year of publication: 2016
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Number of pages: 1024
ISBN: 9780199739646
CDF cataloguing: E821 Publications in other languages than Czech or Slovak
Call number: E821/1428/KAH
Subject headings: dokumentární film

The Documentary Film Reader brings together an expansive range of writing by scholars, critics, historians, and filmmakers to provide a stimulating foundational text for students and others who want to undertake study of nonfiction film. While documentary has long been a mainstay of universities and cinematheques, its popularity of late has grown tenfold as reality television has flourished and as the ranks of novice filmmakers have swelled. There are now dozens of film festivals dedicated exclusively to documentaries. This reader presents an international perspective on the most significant developments and debates from several decades of critical writing about documentary. It integrates historical and theoretical approaches, offering a collection that is particularly well suited to meet the needs of large undergraduate survey courses on nonfiction film, as well as providing sufficient depth for graduate classes.

The Documentary Film Reader: History, Theory, Criticism

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