Found Footage Magazine #2 May 2016

Original title: Found Footage Magazine #2 May 2016
Language: English, spanish
Year of publication: 2016
Publisher: creative commons
ISBN: 24622885
CDF cataloguing: P Periodicals
Call number: P/1398
Subject headings: found footage; Filmy

The scope, inventiveness, and audacity of Barbara Hammer’s career compel us to expand the frame from found footage to appropriation more broadly. Her appropriations of material from audiovisual archives (what is traditionally called found footage) came after and alongside more fundamental appropriations of various cinematic means of production, from film cameras and optical printing to a range of digital hardware and software, as well as the generic codes and practices of pornography and documentary. And these actions have in turn always been bound up with her appropriations of physical space: in film after film, Hammer wrests space (and time) away from heteropatriarchal coding and control.

Found Footage Magazine #2 May 2016

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