Flicker: Your Brain on Movies

Author: Jeffrey M. Zacks
Language: English
Year of publication: 2014
Publishing details: 1. vydání
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Number of pages: 360
ISBN: 9780199982875
CDF cataloguing: E821 Publications in other languages than Czech or Slovak
Call number: E821/1260/ZAC
Subject headings: Film; Emoce; Psychology

In Flicker, Jeff Zacks delves into the history of cinema and the latest research to explain what happens in your head when you sit down in the theatre and the lights go out. Some of the questions Flicker answers: Why do we flinch when Rocky takes a punch in Sylvester Stallone's movies, duck when the jet careens towards the tower in Airplane!, and tap our toes to the dance numbers in Chicago or Moulin Rouge? Why do so many of us cry at the movies? What's the difference between what happened in a movie and what happened in real life--and can we always tell the difference? To answer these questions and more, Flicker gives us an engaging, fast-paced look at the mind's fascinating relationship with the silver screen. Zdroj: amazon.com

Flicker: Your Brain on Movies

Doc.recommendationThis book is recommended by the Director: Andrea Slováková

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