Sofia IFF (Festival catalogues)

Original title: Sofia IFF. Sofia international film festival 2005
Language: Bulgarian, English
Year of publication: 2005
Publisher: Sofia IFF
CDF cataloguing: K Catalogues
Call number: K/1238/BGR/2005
Subject headings: katalog; film festival

Sofia International Film Festival (Sofia Film Fest) (Bulgarian: Международен София Филм Фест, София Филм Фест) gathers together in Sofia films, guests, stars, journalists and cinema fans. Featured in Variety's Top 50 [1] of cinema festivals, the event presents Bulgaria to the world as the host one of the important film festivals in Europe and takes place annually in March. What started as a thematic music film festival,[2] went through 17 previous editions to become the cinema event of the year, bringing the current world cinema trends to the domestic viewers in Bulgaria and the latest in Bulgarian cinema to the rest of the world.

Since 1997 more than 1,600 feature films and documentaries have been screened within the festival's framework. More than 1,000 distinguished guests have attended, including established professionals such as Wim Wenders, Volker Schlöndorff, Katja Riemann and Karl Baumgartner (Germany), Alan Parker, Peter Greenaway, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Tony Palmer and David Mackenzie (United Kingdom).....and many others.  (zdroj:


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  • Sofia IFF. Sofia international film festival 2005

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  • Sofia IFF. Sofia international film festival 2007

Sofia IFF (Festival catalogues)

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